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SMSH SHYPS & IRHYS medical and therapeutic hypnosis training

FARP Recruitment training
General theory of Human Resource Management and Recruitment, recruiting functions and job interviews and personality tests, Geneva

Postgraduate Diploma in Family and Couple Therapy
systemic approach – Geneva

Ethnopsychiatry seminar
Culture influences on individuals problematic, under Betty Goguikian and Franceline James’s supervision

DESS in Clinical Psychology – Geneva University

Master of Sciences in Psychology – Geneva University
Clinical psychology, children and adolescents psychopathology , psycholinguistic, education psychology.

Professional experience

Psychologist specialist in Psychotherapy FSP, in charge of Café Réseau (comittee member), Association Trajectoires – public non profit association active in information and orientation in Geneva’s mental health network, Geneva

Psychologist specialist in Psychotherapy FSP & Hypnotherapist Shyps, self employed, CMPP, Geneva

Psychologist specialist in Psychotherapy FSP, Fondation Phénix – private non-profit foundation active in addictions prevention and care, Geneva

Recruitment consultant, Selectus SA – exécutive search consulting company, Geneva

School psychologist, Collège de Terre Sainte – high school, Coppet

Psychologist psychotherapist at Association Face à Face – non profit organization taking care of women and adolescents with violent transactions, Geneva

Psychologist psychotherapist at Réseau de Santé Helvétique (RSH), clinique Rousseau – private clinic offering psychological, medical and emergency services, Geneva

Psychologist at Centre de Consultation Psychologique (CCP) – center that provides evaluations and follow-up services to all coming students regarding their
academic and professional career and their psychological well-being, Université de Genève and Département de l’Instruction Publique.

Psychologist at l’Unité de Psychologie Clinique Développementale (UPDC) – center offering individual and families psychological assessments, Université de Genève


The development of the acculturation of young North Africans born in France: attitudes, identities and strategies according to gender. Bulletin ARIC (2009), 47, 71-91

Migrant children are at the crossroads of several logical universes and belongings; this is what enriches them but also can cause some difficutlies (Moro, 1998). Indeed, their socialization takes place simultaneously or in parallel in two distinct and autonomous cultural environments, one affectively linked to their family life and one conveyed by the external social world, whose meanings can be felt as contradictory (Perregaux, Akkari & Cattafi, 2000). One of the developmental tasks of 2nd generation youth is to make their personal development and social adjustment needs co-exist with parental expectations. Thus, they face specific difficulties that have so far been poorly described in the literature. (Bornstein & Cote, 2006). How do they develop skills to function properly in two different cultural contexts? How do they manage to regulate the imbalances created by the gap between norms, values and lifestyles of the host country and of origin?

On the other hand, taking into account the gender dimension is beginning to arouse theoretical interest, especially among first-generation migrants. (Boubekeur, 2004) who have to reconcile the role of transmission agent of traditional values, with their possible aspirations to autonomy. (Cattaneo & Val Derme, 2004). The research presented here focuses on gender differences in the teenage acculturative process of young North African born.


Chronicle of a family suffering. How the resonance is it used as a therapeutic lever in a family shattered by empowerment of a teenager struggling with two cultures ? Thérapies Familiales, Genève, 2012, 33, 3, 263-277)

Twentieth century’s societal changes brought a focus on individual development which changed old traditional forms of family organization (Khan, 2009). This article intends to study the consequences of this individualism on a family, during the empowerment process of the youngest daughter, in a context where two conflicting cultures coexist. Taking into account the therapists emotions and the relationship between co-therapists has contributed to undertsand the key theme shared by each member of the family, hidden behind their dysfunctional relationships and symptomatic behaviors. Consequently, they were able to step out of their confined role and rewrite a more balanced scenario.

Profesional memberships

  • membre de la Fédération Suisse des Psychologues (FSP)
  • membre de l’Association Genevois des Psychologues (AGPsy)
  • membre de l’Association Genevoise de Thérapies Familiales (AGTF) et de L’Association Suisse de Thérapie Familiale et d’Interventions Systémiques (Asthefis)
  • membre de l’Institut Romand d’Hypnose (Irhys) & Société Clinique d’Hypnose Suisse (Shyps)
  • membre du Comité de l’Association Trajectoires en qualité de responsable du Café Réseau

Myriam Aïssaoui

Psychologist specialized into psychotherapy FSP
Hypnotherapist Shyps

  • Children, adolescents, adults, couples & families (systemic orientation)
  • French – English

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